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The Patient Journey

What is a Hip Fracture?

A hip fracture is a break at the top of the thigh bone (femur) near the pelvis usually as the result of a fall. It is a common debilitating injury mostly occuring in people aged over 65 years old.

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Your Hospital Journey

Despite well-developed treatment guidelines, there exists a lot of variation in hip fracture care. The Clinical Care Standard tells you what care should be offered if you have a hip fracture. You can use this information to help you and your carer make informed decisions in partnership with your treating team.

My Hip Fracture Care

This booklet has been put together to provide people with important information about their care after a hip fracture (broken bone). It includes facts about a hip fracture, what to expect in hospital, and information for when you leave hospital. It also provides vital information about avoiding another fracture and treating osteoporosis. and need to be able to download in English as well as the 14 other languages it is available.

Registry Information for Patients

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A person is eligible to be included in the ANZHFR if they are:


Over the age of 50 years old


Were diagnosed with a hip fracture


Admitted to a participating hospital for their care

For further information on the purpose of this data collection, please click here.

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Your Information

The following information will be collected about your experience with hip fracture in the hospital:


Your name, date of birth, contact details, national health care number, and residential status.


Details about your level of independence prior to admission, and your medical history.


Details about your admission to hospital, the treatment provided, and details about your discharge from hospital.

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Your Privacy

The ANZHFR complies with privacy legislation ensuring that information is:


Securely stored, remains confidential, and is only be available to approved registry or research personnel


Only used for research purposes if agreed to by an approved independent Human Research Ethics Committee


Only used in presentations or publications in a way where your information is not identifiable


Able to be linked to other data collections to assist understanding of hip fracture care


My Hip Fracture Care

For more information, download the My Hip Fracture Care: Information and Individual Care Plan available in 15 languages:

This booklet has also been developed in New Zealand in English - Recovering From a Hip Fracture: Pikinga ora i tētahi whainga hope

Project Information Pamphlet

This is a Project Information Pamphlet that you can download, print and provide to eligible patients and their families. Here are 15 translated versions of the ANZHFR Project Information Pamphlet.

We recognise and acknowledge people with a lived experience of hip fracture - patients, their families, and carers. Their voices are powerful. Their contribution is vital to the work of improving health care.