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Hip Fests 2022

Binational Hip Fest 2022: Joined at the hip Melbourne, Australia

The Australian & New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry held the 2022 Binational Hip Fest in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday 19th October.

The Hip Fest was attended by 190 people, and offered a forum to explore multidisciplinary teamwork in hip fracture care as well as highlight examples of best practice.

Thank you to everyone who attended. It was great to see you all in person!


Download a copy of the program here

Video recordings of the presentations are now available.


Click on the links below to access individual presentations or visit ANZHFRs YouTube site for the Binational Hip Fest 2022 Playlist

Session 1 - Hip Fracture Audit

Welcome with Acknowledgement of Country and Mihi  A/Professor Catherine McDougall, Co-Chair ANZHFR and Dr Sarah Hurring; NZHFR Clinical Lead

My Experience with Hip Fracture Care  Mr Stephen Peterson, Consumer representative, Safer Care Victoria

ANZHFR –10 years in 10 minutes  Professor Jacqueline Close, Geriatrician and Co-Chair ANZHFR

Revised Minimum Common Dataset  Dr Cristina Ojeda-Thies, Orthopaedic & trauma surgeon, Madrid, Spain

ANZHFR Bone Protection Sprint Audit  A/Professor Rebecca Mitchell, Injury epidemiologist, Macquarie University, Australia and Dr Roger Harris, Geriatrician, Auckland, New Zealand

Hip Fracture Care in the Asia Pacific Region  Professor Matthew Costa, Consultant trauma surgeon, Oxford, United Kingdom

Weight bearing and hip fracture  Dr Seth Tarrant, Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, John Hunter Hospital, NSW, Australia

Delving into the Data: exploring the utility of the Prognostic Nutritional Index  Dr Simone Macindoe, Orthogeriatrician, Waikato Hospital, New Zealand

Impact on mortality of cement fixation for arthroplasty in hip fracture  Dr Niamh Ramsay, Honorary Research Assistant, Neuroscience Research Australia, NSW, Australia

Panel Session 1 (Q&A)

Session 2 - Multidisciplinary Care 

ANZHFR Nutrition Sprint Audit  Dr Jack Bell, Advanced Dietitian, The Prince Charles Hospital, Queensland, Australia

Sip til Send - Reducing fasting times for surgical patients  Dr Matthew Checketts, Consultant Anaesthetist, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee, Scotland

Impact of COVID-19 on orthopaedic nurses  Ms Anita Taylor, Orthopaedic Nurse Practitioner, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA, Australia and Ms Karen Hertz, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Royal Stoke University Hospital, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

ANZHFR Acute Rehabilitation Sprint Audit  Dr Mitchell Sarkies, Senior Research Fellow, University of Sydney, Australia

Panel Session 2 (Q&A)

Session 3 - ANZHFR

ANZHFR Database  Mr Stewart Fleming, Webmaster, ANZHFR

BOOST Study - Boosting inpatient exercise after hip fracture  Ms Marie March, Senior Physiotherapist, Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals, NSW, Australia

Eat, Walk, Engage  Dr Rachel Norton, Consultant Geriatrician, Ipswich Hospital, QLD, Australia

ANZ Fragility Fracture Registry and Interoperability  Dr Roger Harris, Geriatrician, New Zealand

ANZHFR 2022 Annual Report  Professor Jacqueline Close, Geriatrician and Co-Chair ANZHFR and Dr Sarah Hurring, Geriatrician and Clinical lead, NZHFR

Panel Session 3 (Q+A)

Session 4 - Focusing on Consumers

My Hip, My Voice  Ms Elizabeth Armstrong, Consumer Reporting Project Manager, ANZHFR and Mr James Wright, Patient Reported Experience Project Manager, ANZHFR

Quality of life in people with hip fracture  Professor Xavier Griffin, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, London, United Kingdom

Fracture prevention and quality of life panel discussion  Ms Elizabeth Armstrong (ANZHFR), Prof Xavier Griffin (Orthopaedic Surgeon), Mrs Beryl Logie (Consumer Representative, Healthy Bones Australia), Dr Nargis Shaheen (Geriatrician)

ANZ Golden Hip Awards and closing remarks

Hipcast - ANZHFR's podcast series

Keep an ear out for upcoming Hipcast episoeds, as we will convert all suitable presentations to podcasts!

New Zealand Hip Fest 2022: From Rehab to Home Wellington, NZ

New Zealand's 3rd annual Hip Fest education day was held in beautiful Wellington on 7th September.

The Hip Festival is a chance for hospital teams caring for people after a fractured hip and contributing to the ANZHFR to gather, network, share and learn about different models of care and improvement projects across New Zealand.

This year’s theme was “Rehab to Home” with our biggest group of 80 participants. It was a great day, where speakers discussed effective rehabilitation care and support, both in hospital and in the community. The consumer voice was also heard from two of the NZHFR committee’s consumer representatives, who shared their different experiences of care, despite having the same injury and surgery.  For the clinicians, hearing the consumer voice was very powerful and generated much discussion.

Thanks to all those who came along to the Hip Fest! We look forward to future opportunities to join together to improve hip fracture care.

Video recordings of the presentations are now available:

What does the data tell us? Dr Sarah Hurring; ANZHFR NZ Clinical Lead & Geriatrician, Christchurch Hospital

What does the consumer voice tell us? Caroline Miller, Consumer Representative, NZIMC

What does the consumer voice tell us? Ngarangi Naden, Consumer Representative, NZIMC

Key factors for successful rehabilitation Dr Jo Williams, Geriatrician, Hutt Hospital

Goals for fractured NOF patients Nicola Ward, NZ coordinator & CNS FLS Tauranga Hospital

Community Rehabilitation Jessie Snowdon, On the Go Physio, Christchurch

New Zealand Golden Hip Award Ceremony