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Research @ ANZHFR

Please find below a list of resources that utilise ANZHFR data. Should you wish to request data access for your own project proposal, please review our Data Access page.

Research Publications

Projects In Progress

  • Using linked data to evaluate and improve hip fracture care
    Principal Investigator: Dr Lara Harvey - [email protected]
  • Evaluating the Impact on Mortality of Cement Fixation in Arthroplasty for Hip Fracture
    Principal Investigator: Dr Niamh Ramsay - [email protected]
  • The Impact of Choice of Fixation for Intertrochanteric Femoral Fracture on Patient Survival
    Principal Investigator: Dr Niamh Ramsay - [email protected]

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize care of patients with hip fractures    
    Principal Investigator: Professor Ruurd Jaarsma - [email protected]

  • Total hip joint replacement versus hip hemiarthroplasty for subcapital neck of femur fractures: return to mobility and residence
    Principal Investigator: Dr Mithun Nambiar - [email protected]

  • Effect of hip fracture and pain management pathways in treating hip fracture patients
    Principal Investigator: Dr Mithun Nambia  - [email protected]

  • Care provision and outcomes in older people with and without cognitive impairment who sustain a hip fracture
    Principal Investigator: Dr Morag Taylor - [email protected]

  • The impact of COVID-19 in Australia and New Zealand on hip fracture care
    Principal Investigator: Dr William Liaw - email [email protected] should you wish to get in contact