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Research @ ANZHFR

Please find below a list of resources that utilise ANZHFR data. Should you wish to request data access for your own project proposal, please review our Data Access page.

Research Publications

Projects In Progress

Using linked data to evaluate and improve hip fracture care

Principal Investigator: Dr Lara Harvey - [email protected]

Artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize care of patients with hip fractures

Principal Investigator: Professor Ruurd Jaarsma - [email protected]

Total hip joint replacement versus hip hemiarthroplasty for subcapital neck of femur fractures: return to mobility and residence

Principal Investigator: Dr Mithun Nambiar - [email protected]

Effect of hip fracture and pain management pathways in treating hip fracture patients

Principal Investigator: Dr Mithun Nambiar  - [email protected]

Care provision and outcomes in older people with and without cognitive impairment who sustain a hip fracture

Principal Investigator: Dr Morag Taylor - [email protected]

The impact of COVID-19 in Australia and New Zealand on hip fracture care

Principal Investigator: Dr William Liaw - email [email protected] should you wish to get in contact

Patient characteristics and hospital-level factors influencing actual first day mobilisation post hip fracture surgery

Principal Investigator: Dr Victoria Woodcroft-Brown - [email protected] 

The effect of type of anaesthetic on delirium after surgery for acute hip fracture:  an instrumental variable analysis

Principal Investigator: Dr Lara Harvey - [email protected]

Standard of care and outcomes for Māori patients with neck of femur fractures – an ANZHFR study

Principal Investigator: Dr Simon Young - email [email protected] for further information

Association of delirium and nutritional status in Australian adults following hip fracture surgery

Principal Investigator: Dr Saif Hamdoon - [email protected]

Updated mortality risk post hip fractures by age, sex and ethnicity for New Zealand

Principal Investigator: Dr Naji Ghamri - [email protected]

The impact of frailty and malnutrition on clinical care and outcomes following acute hip fracture

Principal Investigator: Dr Lara Harvey - [email protected]