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Resources for patients and families

The My Hip My Voice project has developed resources for patients, families and friends.

These resources have been developed to help you understand what to expect when you or a family member have been admitted to hospital with a broken hip. 

They were developed from conversations with people who have lived experience of a broken hip, either as a patient or a family member. 

The My Hip My Voice participant information sheet can be found here.

Play the video below to hear more about how the resources were developed.

You can access the resources as you scroll down the page.

Resource 1: Hip Fracture Care Guide

The Hip Fracture Care Guide is for patients and families when a person is admitted to hospital with a broken hip. It provides important information about what to expect while in hospital and when starting recovery.

You can download the Hip Fracture Care Guide in 15 languages.

An updated version of this booklet is currently in draft and will be evaluated by consumers and clinicans in early 2023.

For the New Zealand care guide Recovering From a Hip Fracture: Pikinga ora i tētahi whainga hope click here.


Video 1_021 - Hip Fracture Care Guide 2

Resource 2: Carer Resources

The Carer Resources are for families and friends.

They provide practical information to help you support someone you care for when they have gone to hospital with a broken hip. They cover six (6) important topics and can be read separately.


Information about hip fracture

Information about memory and thinking after hip fracture

Information about managing pain after hip fracture 

Information about surgery for hip fracture

Information about walking after hip fracture surgery

Information about reducing the risk of future fractures

Video 1_025 - Carer Resources 2

Resource 3: The Dashboard

The Dashboard uses data from the ANZHFR to show how hospitals care for Australians with a hip fracture. The Dashboard follows Margaret from injury to leaving hospital.

Click here or on the image below to see the dashboard and data

To find out more please email [email protected] or call us on 1300 ANZHFR (169 437) 


We recognise and acknowledge people with a lived experience of hip fracture - patients, their families, and carers.

Their voices are powerful. Their contribution is vital to the work of improving health care.