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ANZHFR 2021 Annual Report

The ANZHFR is very pleased to be able to provide you with the 2021 Annual Report. We would like to express our appreciation to all the people who have been involved in collecting, collating and analysing the data for this report and those who have put in a great effort progressing it to completion. We hope you will find the Annual Report enlightening and useful as you continue in your endeavours to improve the quality of hip fracture care for your patients.

The Australian State report is included in both the Clinical Care Standard Report and the Full e-Report, rather than as a separate Supplementary report as in previous years. For the first time, the reports also include an Outlier Report, which monitors hospital performance against the quality indicators and enables sites to easily see areas of high quality care or those that require review.

A PowerPoint slide pack has also been provided should you wish to use it. The slides follow the structure of the Clinical Care Standard Report (excluding Australian State Report and they can be customised to highlight your hospital’s performance and add in any other relevant information e.g., additional figures from the full report or other site-specific information. There is included a pull-out text box and pointer for the hospital level charts. These can be moved down the axis, to line up with your hospital. The pointer and text box can also be positioned separately – simply click on the text box if you need to move it whilst leaving the pointer in place. This is useful towards the bottom of each slide. If you want to highlight more than one hospital, the pointer and text box can be copied and pasted