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2018 ANZHFR Annual Report



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August 30, 2018

2018 ANZHFR Annual Report Posted in

Welcome to our third patient level and sixth facility level report. Over the past year, we have continued to see additional sites join and contribute data to the Registry.

The facility level report contains information from all 116 public hospitals across Australia and New Zealand that operate on people with a hip fracture. We welcome the addition of two private hospitals that have joined us in 2017.

The report also contains data from 56 hospitals contributing patient level data, a figure that has risen from 34 hospitals in the previous year and continues to increase. We now have over 20,000 data-sets in the Registry and opportunities exist to explore this data in more detail.

For the first time, we are identifying hospitals. New Zealand has elected to publish the names of all hospitals entering patient-level data, whilst Australia is identifying hospitals where individual site level approval has been obtained.

Pleasingly, 83% of Australian hospitals agreed to be identified in this report. Our hope is that more clinicians of all professions will see their own data and use the data to drive change at a local level. Equally, we want teams to share their successes and learnings with other Registry sites. What remains apparent is the marked variation in a number of the process measures, including indicators, which have a real impact for the patient: assessment and management of pain, time to surgery and secondary fracture prevention.