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This is a Project Pamphlet that you can download, print and provide to eligible patients and their families.
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These resources can be used to promote and explain what the Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard means to patients and their carers.


My Hip Fracture – Information and Individual Care Plan

This booklet has been put together to provide
people with important information about their care
after a hip fracture (broken bone). It includes facts
about a hip fracture, what to expect in hospital, and
information for when you leave hospital. It also
provides vital information about avoiding another
fracture and treating osteoporosis.

Here are 14 translated versions of the ANZHFR My Hip Fracture Guide

The ANZHFR would like to thank the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research for their funding support. Their generous contribution have enabled the translation of the ANZHFR Hip Fracture Care Guide into 14 languages.

Learn more about the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research by clicking here: